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Brandon Petitt

Film and video editor with experience working in broadcast television, music engineering, radio, documentary, music video, branded media, multicamera video streaming, and narrative fiction. Motivated by a passionate interest in stylish storytelling and naturally driven to create high quality work independently and in collaboration with others.

All About Me

Brandon Petitt is an all-around creative who has a passion for the arts & storytelling. 

His journey began as a musician, in what he describes as “the foundation for his work as a storyteller.”  While growing in the music field, his interest visually was growing as well. He recognized the similarities between the two mediums & from there, he began sharpening his skills. 

His background ranges from broadcast television to narrative fiction. He’s also had the opportunity to work on documentaries, music videos, & branded media campaigns. 

As a filmmaker, he wants to use his skill set as an instrument to help bring people's stories to life.

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